Thursday, 7 February 2008

Age of Conan Board Game Announced!

What is best in life?

Well, later on this year, it looks like it might be The Age of Conan Board Game to be published by Nexus Games.

Reading through the report it says that players will only be able to control Conan for short periods as they hire/acquire his services during the course of the game. This feature alone makes me think the guys at Nexus have got the ethos bang on target. Conan is a force of nature, beholden to no-one but his own whims and the winds of fate, by Crom, this summer may well be best in life!

I love the Howard novels and love playing miniature based board games so this is top news for me.

Check out the details on Tabletop Gaming News website - excited?


Attempts to stop grinning like a maniac


One more time... what is good in life?

(okay, so the movie isn't exactly as the books but even so - I like it)

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