Thursday, 7 February 2008

Miniature Painting 2008 - Painters Log

One of the things I'm really into is painting miniatures for wargames, skirmish games and other tabletop board games. (And also playing the games too).

Like many other fans of this hobby I've got a huge collection of unpainted minis collected over the long years of... well... I guess addiction is probably the best word for it. And unpainted minis just don't really look the part on the tabletop (or display case for that matter) - despite my best efforts to convince myself they look okay.

So, in an effort to fight the masses of unpainted models taking up not so much physical space but huge amounts of head space* I going to log my efforts to catch up on my painting**.

I guess I ought to catalogue how many I have unpainted first... nahhh! That would take too long.

I'll just post a photo or two of my current models on the painting table to show where I'm at now - that'll have to wait until next time though.

* This is also known as the "I should paint what I've got before I buy anymore" feeling of guilt I get whenever I see some shiny new miniatures that have come onto the market.

** A perhaps strange logic that basically means I'm trying to guilt-trip myself into keeping the log updated so that I offset the guilt of not having painted the minis I already have. If I keep my log reasonably up-to-date I might give myself an interim prize of a new miniature every now and again :-)

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