Wednesday, 6 February 2008

A thousand hats...

Why a thousand hats?

Well, it's quite simple really. As you go through life you find that you have to wear a different 'hat' almost every day, usually several within one day.

Think about it, in the morning you wake up and you've got to get sorted out for work/uni/school whatever and you're feeling sluggish and you don't want to go. Well the responsible part of you gives you a bit of a shake and gets you moving so that you get out of the door and to where you're supposed to be. That was you wearing your 'Responsible Hat'.

Later in the day you're messing about with your mates and having a laugh and maybe you're acting out some scene you think was really funny and getting a big laugh from your mates, that'll be your 'Clown Hat'.

Ten minutes later you remember you've got to pay the rent/electric bill/ etc. so you quickly flip on your 'Accountants Hat' and sort out making the payment and have a quick think about how that's going to impact on your spending for the next week or so.

Get the idea?

A thousand hats is a place where I'll be posting comments about a range of things that I'm interested in, involved with or generally want to say something about, depending on which 'Hat' I've got on at the time.


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