Sunday, 22 June 2008

Indiana Jones in 28mm (light conversion job)

I did a little light conversion on one of artisan miniatures Thrilling Tales line of minis.

This was for my brother last christmas - it's Indiana Jones (doo di doodoo...dodidooo).

(Piccies below)

I really like how he worked out - in fact I liked it so much I'm tempted to pick up several more copies of the mini and convert them into different versions in each of the first three films (I've not seen the fourth yet).

Anyone wondering how I did the whip should note that it was really simple.

Drill a hole through the hand. Bend a bit of wire (in my case it was some wire I'd bought from hobby shop years ago - not copper, steel maybe? I don't know for sure). I used a pencil to make it easier to bend the wire to get the curvature of the whip I wanted. Forcing the wire around the pencil (not winding, just bending the wire to create curves), working it's shape to get a pleasing result.

Once I had the wire in the shape I liked I cut it to an appropriate length - glued one end into the hole drilled into the hand.

And finally used a tiny bit of green stuff to give the impression of a handle for the whip.

Job done.

(I found it helped to hum or 'doodidoo' the Indiana Jones theme tune while working as it makes it fun even when it doesn't do what you want it to do).


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