Thursday, 19 June 2008

The new Citadel Washes are excellent!


I bought the new set of Citadel Washes today from Games Workshop and I have to say they are ace!

I'm not a very fast painter so I've been looking for a way to speed things up. I took a look at the Army Painter series of dips at the UK Games Expo recently which were very impressive but the tins were so big. The Citadel Washes had also caught my eye and so while in a rare visit to a GW store I took a look at what could be achieved with them - I was sold.

I was shown a number of models that had only had a white base coat and then a couple of layers of different colour washes applied - they looked tabletop worthy even without the highlighting done.

I originally planned on trialling the washes on some 2nd Ed. Gretchin I already had primed but when rummaging about in my miniatures collection discovered two primed original Imperial Guard models from waaaay back when. I had been planning on turning them into a city-defense/police force type army for use in both Warhammer 40k and a few other Sci-fi games so thought I'd take the opportunity to make a start on that while testing the new Citadel Washes.

This first picture is the original primed miniatures with a white undercoat:

This next series of pictures shows the first layer of wash put on the entire model - I used Asurmen Blue, Ogryn Flesh, Devlan Mud and Badab Black, all applied with a Citadel Detail Brush.

Considering the models have only had one layer of wash applied I think they're playable without any extra detailing/strengthening of the colours. I do plan on adding extra layers and details but the result is very encouraging as it only took me 20mins to do both to this stage.



I'll be posting pics of the final minis at a later date.


  1. Nice examples, and its always great to see the old RT Imperial Guard

  2. :-)

    Thanks mate.

    The success of this little experiment has actually got me very excited about pulling my whole (albeit small) collection of RT Imperial Guard minis out of retirement and into active service again. Especially with the new 5th ed 40k feeling so good to play.

  3. I like it! So, about 4 washes? Armor, clothes, skin and boots?

  4. Thanks Jon,

    Yup four washes.

    The Badab Black for the metallics and armour. (Although I plan on the armour being white eventually - I used the black wash for this experiment).
    The Asurmen Blue was used for the clothes, Ogryn Flesh for the skintones and Devlan Mud for the bits around the boots.
    After thinking about the washes a little more since doing this test I think this technique is only suited to 'organic' shapes like furs, fabrics and skin etc. I don't think it would work on an armoured model, such as a Space Marine for example.


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