Saturday, 24 January 2009

New 3 column layout

I finally had a few minutes to alter the layout to make room for a few extra features I've wanted to add to the site.

You're now looking at the result - I cheated too.

If you run a blogger blog and want to know how to switch to a three column grid take a look here.

I took a look at the source code and figured that someone else must have done a blogger variant before and they had.


I know, lazy - but it got the job done.

Anyway, I've added a couple of new lists to the right hand column which includes miniatures I've painted this year and miniatures I've bought or sold this year.

It's going to act as my barometer on whether I'm getting through my mini mountain or not.

I'll be getting some photos of my recently painted stuff up soon as I've not added any piccies for a while now.


  1. Very nice blog page, content wise. Waiting for those images.

  2. Thanks - you're right I need to get those photos taken.

    I think I might start putting 'work in progress' shots up too to get more regular updates done as my painting time is so disrupted I sometimes don't get much done in a given week.

  3. Work in progress is fine, it is like "making off" on DVD's, hah.


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