Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Tabletop Gaming News have a new feature for members

Zac Belado the owner and editor of Tabletop Gaming News has added a new feature to his site which allows users to keep an extended profile about themselves.

A fine, fine feature which I'll no doubt be sucked into using a lot just to find out a bit more info about all the thoroughly decent folk that use the site.

When I was filling my extended profile bit in it asks for preferences and I was a bit stuck as to what to plumb for.

In the end I went for Sci-fi for genre and board games for type of game.

But that's just at the moment - it could be different in a few weeks time.

The process of thinking about my favourites has inspired me to try and maintain a currently playing list. Along with a want to play list etc. on this blog.

I'll try to get it sorted over the next day or so.

Although looking at the way this blog is going I might have to pull my finger out and do a little template tweakage and make it a three column job first. [whimper - I'd been trying to avoid doing any 'work' on the look and feel.]

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