Thursday, 30 April 2009

Updates incoming!

I'm going to be updating this blog over the next week with some photos (finally) and a few other bits and bobs of info about my current hobby gaming.

One major decision that I've had to make recently is to stop spending for a month or so and sell off some more of my mountain of miniatures. Although I'll be taking a trip to the the UK Games Expo in June so will need to allow myself a small budget there.

This decision is based mainly because we've a few home improvement projects that need sorting out first and foremost and also I've got quite a few painting projects on the go and need to do a bit of 'completing' before buying new stuff.

The only thing I'm going to allow myself to buy are cases/storage for miniatures as I finish painting them. I don't fancy stuffing my 40k armies into a random pile in a plastic tub after I've spent ages painting them.


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