Saturday, 25 July 2009

Field of Glory - first steps into 'old school (ish)' historical wargaming

I've seen quite a bit of coverage of Field of Glory online for what seems like a long time now and after watching a game at the games club decided to make the next step and buy the books.

I bought the Field of Glory rulebook from Amazon a while back along with the Immortal Fire army lists supplement as I fancied building a Classical Indian army (elephants and chariots!). I also bought the Swords and Scimitars book as that covers the crusades. I've been reading a lot of historical fiction around that period recently and it's given me an itch to play some games.

Long term I'd like to have several armies in 15mm for Field of Glory (I tend to do that with most games I get into) but while I get a feel for the rules I'm going to proxie in plasticard tokens for games with my brother.

The picture below shows you the stage I'm at getting one of the sample armies put together from within the main rules (Carthaginian vs Romans). The beauty of using plasticard proxies is that they'll be ready to use as bases once I've decided on my first army and started to buy the miniatures.

I want to get a feel for game play before committing to buying minis and I won't be playing this at club until I've got a grasp of the rules, although I know the chaps I watched play wouldn't mind me sitting in on their games again. I'd like to get the rules straight in my own head first (plus I'm enjoying playing 40k and looking forward to Necromunda too).

My Field of Glory adventure is going to be a slow burn project - this is just the start.

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