Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Games night at Derby Wargames Society

Well, last night was games night at the Derby Wargames Society and I got two games of 1st edition Space Hulk in and was introduced to a WWII dog fighting card game called 'Down in Flames'.

We played the first mission 'Suicide Mission' in Space Hulk, twice, taking it in turns to be the marines. Playing with the timer on 2.5 minutes (not that you need that long once you've played the game a few times).

The Genestealers won in both games and the Space Marines did indeed prove the title of the mission.

In my defense when I was playing the Marines my dice rolling was appalling. I had the same marine go on overwatch on two consecutive turns and then jam on the first shot both times. The second time proved his undoing as the Genestealers had crept close enough to jump on him and slice him apart. Swiftly moving into the sergeant also on overwatch who couldn't hit a barn door with either his storm bolter or in close combat.

Here's the shot just before the the Emperor's finest got first hand experience of 'situation normal' against aliens ;-P

The marine on the left is on overwatch but the marker is obscured by the marine.

The overwatch cover didn't go so well on the genestealers turn...

The shot above shows the demise of my flamer marine who had to attempt a crazy close combat to clear a section so that he could then attempt to flamer his way forward with enough ammunition to complete the mission. He failed in close combat - I knew it was a bonkers idea but the position in game at that point was extremely difficult so I figured that million to one shots usually work nine times out of ten and went for it. Alas I was that one out of ten when it doesn't work. :-D

As I mentioned at the beginning I was also introduced to Down in Flames which I must say is a fantastic game - it's gone straight onto my 'want' list. If you understand the mechanics of counter magic in Magic the Gathering then you're easily grasp the dogfighting in Down in Flames - it's an incredibly cinematic game with barrel rolls, dives, red lines etc. and planes blowing up.

We played a game with a couple of chaps who were having their first visit to club that night and the US beat the Japanese but the planes took a battering in the process. I didn't get any photos of that game as I was concentrating too much on shaking the plane on my tail and gunning him down when I got him in my sights! :-)

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