Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Where does the time go?!

Over a month has flown by and no updates - very shoddy.

I can only blame the school holidays for my month(ish) long state of semi-exhaustion in the evenings.

But that's all gone now and I've finally got some energy to devote back to hobby time - hurrah.

The feedback on my last post about PDF publishing has been very enlightening and I thank everyone who took the time to post a comment and let me know their thoughts. I'll be returning to that post with a summary of my feelings towards the topic following the commentary at the weekend.

I've managed to get a few games of 40k and a game of necromunda in over the last month which has been very enjoyable.

We ran an 8 man 40k in 40mins tourney at the Derby Wargames Society (DWS) and I managed to fight through the first two rounds (vs Eldar and Orks) to meet an Ultramarine force in the final. Alas my fluffy little Blood Angel list of 15 tactical marines plus three Death Company were shot to pieces by my opponents Heavy bolter toting speeders and razorback. The guys at the club have noted that my appalling dice rolling for 'saves' in the first turn in response to my opponents rather amazing rolling for 'hits and wounds' did skew the game slightly (I lost virtually half my force in the first turn). But it was great fun.

They've since played another 40k in 40mins and I think the lists have gotten very competitive after seeing the heavy bolter list so I guess I might have to play a harder list next time around.

During the same evening of my kicking in the final of the 40k in 40mins tourney I played my first game of Necromunda in a long while - it was a blast.

My dice rolling for territories was very poor though ending up with lots of vents and tunnels and a slag heap giving me 5 x 10 for the income chart if I work all the territories. Not good financially at all.

My rookie gang took on a gang with a rating over 450pts higher and managed to force them to make the first bottle test. Unfortunately my opponent passed and in the following turn managed to put me in a 'bottle test' situation which I promptly failed in spectacular (double-six) fashion. Due to my very poor income I had to let my ratskin leave - I couldn't pay him - but I did gain a load of experience bonuses due to the underdog rule so the gang is not completely without gain.

Most recently I played a new chap at the DWS in a 1000pt game of 40k. It was an annihiliation game with pitched battle set-up. After five turns of very cagey moves and assaults (and some clever long range plinking by the ultramarines Devastators) the game ended in a draw of 5 kill points each. I actually had two more kill points 'live' on the table than my opponent due to army builds but we had essentially fought each other to a stand still. Very enjoyable and good to see my list could at least stand up to MEQs which I know it's weakest against in it's current build.

I have been doing a bit of painting and sculpting too over the last month images of which I'll post at the weekend.

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