Saturday, 10 October 2009

Current Blood Angels 40k 1500pt list

We play a lot of different sized games of 40k down at the club. Some players prefer the small scale games of 1000/1250, the staple size for many seems to be 1750pts but tourney practise games are played at 1500.

We even have odd sessions of combat patrol (400pt) games.

We seem to have a good spread of armies too with two IG armies, two or three Ork forces, two CSM armies, Daemons, a couple of Tyranid forces, Ultramarines, a couple of Tau and an Eldar player.

That list is what is usually on the tables although all of us have two or three armies so the mix can change week to week.

My current 1500pt list for playing 40k with Blood Angels is:

Librarian (120)
Chaplain with Plasma Pistol (115)
10-man Tactical Squad with Flamer, Missile Launcher, Melta Bomb (210)
5-man Tactical Squad with Powerfist and Melta (150)
Razorback with Twin-linked Lasccannon (80)
5-man Tactical Squad with Flamer, Melta Bomb(125)
Furioso Dreadnought Death Company, Venerable, Heavy Flamer (150)
5-man Veteran Assault Squad with 2x Power weapons, Flamer, Melta & Storm Bolter (200)
Terminator Squad Heavy Flamer, Chainfist (210)
5-man Death Company (FREE)
Blood Angels Rhino (40)
Attack Bike with Multi-melta (50)
Attack Bike with Multi-melta (50)

Total= 1500

The list is mainly influenced by the miniatures I have available as I was trying to build this force using the minis I already owned rather than having a big spend.

It's running quite well for me - I'm not tabling anyone with it but then I'm a casual player so that's not really high on my list of things to do.

The Chaplain rides in the Rhino with the Death Company with the Furioso running alongside. The Librarian rides the Razorback with the PF/M combat squad.

The 10-man tactical squad always combat squads down with the missile launcher team sitting at the back holding an objective or simply shooting at enemy armour with the missile launcher.

I'm due to play Orks on Monday night against a player going to heat 3 of the Throne of Skulls tourney in Notts. It'll be interesting to see his build and how my force copes.


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