Wednesday, 11 November 2009

An odd coincidence

I've been reading the Elric novels again over the last few months and have a hankering to build a warhammer fantasy battle force.

I've not played WFB for quite a long time and after a discussion with a few other gamers on twitter decided that I'd go the route of the Dark Elves as a base army book to build my Elric and Melnibonean themed army.

I rooted out my copy of White Dwarf which featured the Dark Elves when they were released a little while ago and got a pleasant surprise.

It includes a datasheet for Apocalypse 40k for a Blood Angels force - which is about the size of a Battle Company. It's certainly added some food for thought in my planning of the Blood Angels Battle Company.


  1. That sounds great. Which White Dwarf is it in (#)?

    Btw, I love the idea of you building a Blood Angels battle company. I think it should be great fun for you.

  2. It was White Dwarf 344 August 2008.

    I've not got too much done so far on the Blood Angels since my last post, I've been doing a bit on my Orks and also some World of Twilight minis available on the Hasslefree website.

    I'll be seeing an old friend soon who has a lot of experience with Blood Angels over the years so hope to bounce a few BA ideas around with him before I get stuck into building the Battle Company properly. I'm really quite excited by the prospect of building a complete Battle Company, it feels like a culmination of years in the hobby - like a final exam or something.



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