Sunday, 21 February 2010

A need for a bit of focus

I've been very busy hobby wise recently, unfortunately I seem to have been 'busy doing nothing' and don't actually seem to be making any noticeable headway on any of the projects I'm working on.

And that is the problem - I'm working on lots of different projects.

Working on multiple projects, when done well, can be a great way to keep your mind inspired, and your creativity flowing. On the flip side when done not so well, as in my case, juggling too many things at once can lead to frustration and a form of hobby despair.

So I've decided to take some steps in an attempt to focus my mind a bit and hopefully get a few things completed. I'm going to pack some of my projects away and store them in the loft (a place that's a bit tricky to get to so requires a real need on my part to go and fetch anything down from).

With that in mind I've had to choose the projects that will get my attention for the foreseeable future. I'm keeping all of my board games accessible as they get played 'as and when' and don't take any brain space up (unlike miniature based gaming and painting projects which sit on the shelves accusingly whenever I pick a paint brush up).

The projects I'm going to focus on are:

Blood Angels 40k Army (GW)
World of Twilight (Hasslefree Miniatures)
The Painting Tub (This is a small tub full of miniatures from various manufacturers. The minis are intended for all sorts of games I'm keeping this available to dip in and out of).

I'm packing away a large collection of miniatures and rules systems which keep tempting me to add to my lead and plastic mountain. Hopefully putting them out of sight will keep them out of mind long enough to complete my chosen projects.

I've got to do a similar 'focus' for the various rules and game development projects I've got kicking around. Although this is going to take a lot more mental discipline rather than actual physical hiding.

Working on multiple development projects at the same time is very useful from a rules development and mechanics point of view because a mechanic that doesn't quite work in one place may be perfect for another title. But I've got a couple of projects that really need me to knuckle down and play test properly rather than the constant fiddling and 'what if'ing' I've been doing with them for quite some time now.

We'll see how well this taking a moment to focus does for completing projects.

I'm hoping I actually start to complete a few things :)

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