Monday, 23 January 2012

Miniature Painting 2012 - bit of a plan

Over on the Meeples and Miniatures blog Neil has recently published a plan of the miniatures he wishes to paint this year. (If you pop over to take a look at his post you'll see that it's pretty ambitious!)

Neil's post gave me a bit of a mental prod so I thought I'd put an outline of a plan together myself.

Like many miniature gamers I've got a large collection of unpainted minis and accessories (along with many 'Works in Progress') and I'm determined to actually put a bit of a dent in the masses this year.

With this in mind I'm attempting to complete my Anglo-Danes for use with Gripping Beast's SAGA Dark Ages game in January. It's going pretty well at the moment as, at the time of writing, I've got 24 out of the 37 minis finished to a reasonable tabletop standard.

Here's a WIP group shot - note I'll be doing the bases once I've got all of the miniatures painted.

Back left: Warriors. Back Right & Front: Hearthguard

I've added a little list of my painting output at the top of the right-hand column of the blog to show progress as I go through the year.

Anyway, back to the plan.

Here's my rough and ready list for the next few months - I'm not specifying what will be first, it's more a pick and mix list as the whim takes me:

  • SAGA Anglo Danes
  • Malifaux Gremlins - So'mer Starter & Mosquito (starting from bare metal)
  • World of Twilight Devanu (finishing a current work in progress)
  • Studio McVey Strain (starting from bare resin)
  • Studio McVey Vanguard Troops (starting from bare metal)
  • 40k Blood Angels Scouts (finishing a current work in progress)
  • 40k Blood Angels Tactical Squad (finishing a current work in progress)
  • 40k Ork Runtherd & 10 Grots (finishing a current work in progress)
  • 15mm Classical Indian FOG Command Elephant (finishing a current work in progress)
  • 6mm Ancient Briton Warriors WMA Unit (finishing a current work in progress)

I'll be having another look at the options once we get to March/April and I know what I've actually completed (and if any new things that have grabbed my attention).

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