Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Look what came in the post today!

A week or so ago Spinning Dice Games were running a little competition via facebook and twitter, you can see their blog post about it here with the two prizes of tickets to Salute up for grabs, along with a sprue of Mantic Games' minis.

I retweeted the competition and even threw one of my own hats in the ring too with an entry via twitter.

Well... a few days later I received a DM on twitter from the Dave Chung, the founder and manager of Spinning Dice Games saying that I'd won one of the prizes.

A Snoopy Happy Dance ensued on my part.


I even got a sprue of the Mantic Games Orcs in there too (I like these models) - bonus! A friend of mine has an army built with Mantic Orcs and they look very cool indeed.

In other news...

I've completed my Anglo Danes for Saga now which means I have a fully painted 6pt force to use - I'll do a separate post about them another time.

I've also been working my way through my Sedition Wars minis, cleaning and putting them together.

Plus,  a bit out of nowhere I've somehow ended up building a German Flames of War force for use in Eastern Front battles. I currently have just about 750pts available so will be getting that to the table in 2-3 weeks time.

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