Saturday, 10 October 2009

Blood Angels 40k force - some Work in Progress

I've been playing with Blood Angels in 40k since joining the Derby Wargames Society earlier this year. Previously I was a Space Wolves and Ork player (with small outings with Dark Eldar).

After over 6 months my force is still a long way away from being painted. The Shame! :)

But I have got a few done over the months (in between other bits and pieces).

Below is one 5-man combat squad (they're from a 10-man tactical squad - the other five, not pictured, are nearly completed too). I've used the squad markings from the pdf codex on the right kneepads and also included a '1' on the shoulder pads of these as they're the first combat squad (the other half have a '2' on their pads):

Below is another 5-man combat squad, these guys normally travel in a Razorback, as you can see they're a WIP, the marine on the right is in the middle of having a weapon swap (plasma gun out - melta in). I've been experimenting with the plasma gun for a while now and think I prefer having the ability to assault after shooting a special weapon. Rapid Firing a ST7 weapon is good but shooting a S8 on the way to smashing into close combat with a power fist feels more fun!

This picture also shows you current Space Marine models next to original Rogue Trader models - the general height and 'build' differences are not too bad really.

And here's a couple of my Death Company Rarrrr! :D

Your can click on the pics for larger views.

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  1. Good job, nice to see the old mini's done well.


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