Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Plastic Skeletons WIP

I've had these little skeletons for what seems like forever and never put them together. They're the original plastic skeletons from Games Workshop from about 20 years ago.

A mixture of needing some skeletons for RPGs (specifically a Dragon Warriors adventure I fancy running as a one-off for old times sake) and for a simple 'Argonauts' inspired board game design I've been pushing around for ages spurred me to dig them out and put them together.

I'd also recently seen an article in White Dwarf which illustrated painting rusted metal effects on weapons and shields and I fancied a go at doing it.

The picture here shows them with the bone work completed and now I've just got to dig my White Dwarf out and do the weapons and shields. Oh... and finish the bases too.

I'm planning on painting pseudo-greco (is that a word?) designs on the shields to give them a Greek feel - I contemplated sculpting some helmets and armour (the odd greave etc) onto them but I've that many other projects on the go decided to keep it simple.

Other skeletons that are currently available that are certainly worth a look (if I had the cash I'd have them all by now) are:
Otherworld Miniatures Skeletons by Paul Muller
Ebob's Poseable Skeletons
Bronze Age Miniatures Greek Skeletons
And then in plastic there are GW's current range of skeletons too - I prefer the Vampire Counts Skeletons for generic skeletons but the tomb king skeleton miniatures look fantastic too for an Egyptian feel.


  1. Lookin' good so far.

    I really like those oversize bases.

  2. Thanks - I've kind of made a decision to use the lipped bases seen on Privateer Press and Darkage miniatures for my RPG minis.

    They make them 'pop' a bit more - for 40k and GW games I'll be sticking to the standard sizes as I prefer them for larger scale gaming (or creeping close to scenery as is the case for Necromunda).


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