Thursday, 21 January 2010

False start - but done some mini painting this year

Okay... updating every week didn't last, well a week.

But I have managed to get some mini painting done this week. I started and completed one of Black Scorpion Miniatures Alien Critters.

Still not sure about the base - might have to paint the rim black as the hazard markings might be a bit 'loud'.

I've also cleaned up Hasslefree Miniatures Dionne, another Black Scorpion Miniatures Critters and assembled the 5 jump packs for my new box of Assault Marines for my Blood Angels Space Marine force.

Looking at the various rumours about the web it looks like assault marine based builds are going to be jumping all over the 40k tabletops this April.

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  1. fun model! always good to do those to keep one's mind fresh.


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